Catalysing progress on menstrual hygiene management (MHM) to empower women and girls globally



Poor MHM caused by a combination of persisting taboos and misinformation, limited access to hygienic products and a lack of sanitation infrastructure holds back millions of women and girls around the world. The MH Alliance exists to change that. By 2030, menstruation will be a normal fact of life. Every woman and girl will be able to manage her menstruation hygienically, with confidence, with dignity and without stigma.

Theory of Change
The MH Alliance brings together governments, NGOs, the private sector and development partners across different sectors (including WASH, SRHR, education and gender) to work together to catalyse progress on MHM globally. Our draft Theory of Change (ToC) explains how we intend to achieve our goal of making menstruation a normal fact of life by 2030. Download the draft ToC.

Structure of the MH Alliance

Successful collaboration requires structure. Building on examples from other collective impact initiatives, we have developed a draft structure for the MH Alliance that we hope is both lean (we want to be able to move fast and not spend more time on bureaucratic issues than absolutely necessary) and clear. Download the draft structure of the MH Alliance.


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”MHM needs to become a priority not just on MH Day, but every day, and not just in WASH, but across relevant sectors such as education, SRHR and gender. The MH Alliance is a vehicle that will enable us to coordinate and catalyse action on MHM all year round”.


Thorsten Kiefer, CEO,
WASH United


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The MH Alliance is initiated by WASH United and Simavi, in partnership with Global Citizen.


”At Global Citizen we are highly committed to helping empower women and girls around the world through education and improved sanitation and hygiene. We look forward to being a key campaigns partner and engaging our monthly audience of over 20 million Global Citizens to promote Menstrual Hygiene Management as an enabler for girls' education”.


Madge Thomas, Deputy Director, Global Policy and Advocacy at Global Citizen


”We want every woman and girl to be able to manage her menstruation hygienically, with dignity and without stigma. We call upon governments, NGOs, development partners, the private sector and the general public to help achieve this goal by 2030”.

Ewout van Galen, Programme Director, Simavi


Announcing the MH Alliance in New York on May 25


Press release

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